Palmetto Plus™
  • Palmetto Plus™

Palmetto Plus™

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Health Basics
    Designed for men concerned with maintaining sound prostate function*
    Contains a unique blend of saw palmetto, lycopene, and soy isoflavones from standardized botanical extracts

Did You Know?
    Saw palmetto extract is clinically shown to be effective in supporting prostate health.*

USANA Difference

  • Effective
  • Safe
  • Science-based

Palmetto Plus
Are bathroom breaks breaking your plans? Then maybe it’s time to help out your prostate. Saw-palmetto extract is clinically shown to effectively support prostate health.* Along with saw palmetto, Palmetto Plus is formulated with another botanical, lycopene—a helpful nutrient found in tomatoes. So, if you are looking for a daily supplement designed to help support a healthy prostate and cardiovascular health, Palmetto Plus may be the solution you need.