Dr Oatcare Montana Embryo Oats (850g)
  • Dr Oatcare Montana Embryo Oats (850g)

Dr Oatcare Montana Embryo Oats (850g)

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Health Domain Dr OatCare™ is a nutritious oats meal drink made with Montana Embryo Oats™, 17 organic seeds, 9 mixed nuts, and fortified with natural seaweed calcium.

One serving of Dr OatCare™ can give you the right amount of nutrients required by your body in a meal that most of the food we take are unable to meet.

It is 100% natural with no additives, no preservatives, no artificial flavoring and no sugar added, bringing you the pure nutrients and the taste of nature.

Weight: 30 sachets x 25 grams


Did you know?
Embryo Oats have higher nutrient contents compared to normal Oats as it is harvested at golden nutrient time of Oats.

Also, Dr OatCare™ meets the Nutritional Guidelines set by the Health Promotion Board as Healthier Choice with the tagline ‘High in Whole-Grains’. One serving of Dr OatCare™ will provide you with 38.3% of your daily whole-grain requirement as it is a 76.6% whole-grain product.