EO Products - Conditioner Restorative Nourishing & Balancing Chamomile & Honey - 8.4 oz. (250ml)
  • EO Products - Conditioner Restorative Nourishing & Balancing Chamomile & Honey - 8.4 oz. (250ml)

EO Products - Conditioner Restorative Nourishing & Balancing Chamomile & Honey - 8.4 oz. (250ml)

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EO Products Conditioner Restorative Nourishing & Balancing Chamomile & Honey, like a perfect kiss from a fairy tale, brings tired, dry hair back to life. Chamomile and Honey come together with a blend of Lime, Avocado, Fenugreek and Fig for a nurturing and incredibly sweet bouquet for your hair. This conditioner nurtures dry, damaged hair back to its vibrant state. Chamomile and Honey balance scalp dryness and brighten hair. Gotu Kola supports vibrancy, Hibiscus, rich in Alpha Hydroxy and Amino Acids, rehydrates and organic Calendula, Chamomile and White Tea bring harmony to your hair. Quinoa protein brings in strength with no animal by-products and EO Products' signature blend of essential oils leaves hair restored and smelling sweet.

  • Chamomile, Lavender and Orange Essential Oils are Carefully Blended with Pure Honey to Create a Scent that will Revive the Senses
  • Our Expert-Blended Dry Hair Complex of Lime, Avocado, Fig and Fenugreek Extracts Add Essential Moisture and Strength to Tired, Dry Hair
  • Hibiscus Extract, Lavender Essential Oil and Rich Coconut Come Together in a Scent that will Transport Your Senses
  • Plant Derived Quinoa Nurtures Hair with Added Protein
  • Vegetable Glycerine Atracts and Adds Moisture to Hair
  • Jojoba Oil Absorbs Rapidly into Hair and Delivers its Benefits Where They are Needed Most
  • Olive Oil Naturally Supports Soft, Manageable Hair
  • Coconut Oil Adds Shine and Natural Softness
  • Vitamin B Attracts and Locks in Moisture
  • Hibiscus Extract Supports Hair Growth and Helps Keep Hair Beautiful
  • Gotu Kola Supports Strong, Healthy Hair
  • Our Signature EO Organic Herbal Blend of Aloe, Chamomile, Calendula and White Tea Extracts Supports Healthy, Happy Hair and Scalp
  • Vitamin E Adds Essential Antioxidants

EO Stands for Essential Oils 
For over twenty beautiful years the aromatic essences of flowers, trees, resins, spices, and plants have been the heart and soul of everything EO Products does. They believe in real scents made from real plants and they think clean, healthy skin is beautiful.

EO Products:

  • Cruelty Free - No Animal Testing
  • Certified Gluten Free
  • Sustainable, BPA Free Packaging
  • Certified B Corporation
  • No Synthetic Fragrances, Artificial Colors or Dyes
  • Essential Oils Are Used Along with Plant-Based Ingredients
  • All Ingredients are Non-GMO
  • No Parabens, Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate, Propylene Glycol, Polysorbates, Phthalates
  • Made in USA - Marin, CA