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Poly C®
  • Poly C®

Poly C®

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Poly C® is USANA’s proprietary vitamin C formula. It is included in many of USANA’s products, including the Essentials, Procosa, Visionex, and Proflavanol C100. Poly C was discontinued as a stand-alone product with the release of Proflavanol C100 at the 2010 International Convention. The product was discontinued because, at USANA, we believe in keeping our customers' nutritional routines as simple as possible. In reviewing our product line, we found that there was enough vitamin C in the other products listed above that the majority of our customers were already getting the recommended daily dose, so a stand-alone product was unnecessary.

Maintaining immune health is the number-one concern for most Poly C users. For daily maintenance of immune health, as well as cardiovascular health, the more powerful product is Proflavanol C100. The grape-seed extract works synergistically with the Poly C to provide greater antioxidant protection than either ingredient would provide if used alone.   

Product Information About Poly C
Vitamin C is a hardworking nutrient. It’s a water-soluble antioxidant that contributes to the maintenance of good health throughout the body. And USANA’s Poly C has an advanced formula, making it a workaholic and an excellent daily supplement. Its unique blend of mineral ascorbates makes the vitamin C available in the body’s blood stream for a prolonged period of time. It is also formulated to complement USANA’s Essentials, providing extra vitamin C during times of stress. Another advantage of Poly C is that it’s formulated to reduce common stomach irritation, a drawback to other sources of vitamin C.  You should know that your body neither makes nor stores vitamin C, so you have to consume this important antioxidant daily to keep it in your system. Poly C is also formulated in USANA’s Proflavanol supplement, if you’re looking for both the benefits of bioflavonoids and vitamin C.